In the review show #PostFactum, created by Maruta Rubeze, contemporary music dominates.

The introductory part of the show looks back at the music and conversation cycle Come Prima, which took place in the chamber hall of the VEF Culture Palace. On October 25, in the program led by Ilze Medne, the spotlight was on flautists Liene Dobičina, Zane Jurēvica, and pianist Zane Rubesa – together forming "Trio Metamorfoze" – who also invited guest cellist Miķelis Dobičins. The content of the program was dedicated to two American composers: the world-famous Philip Glass and the noteworthy Christopher Cerrone (1984). The program included Philip Glass's "Metamorphoses I-V" arranged by Madara Pētersone for the trio, as well as "Music in the Shape of a Square" for two flutes, Cerrone's "On Being Wrong" for cello and electronics, "Liminal Highway" for flute and electronics (with the two flautists sharing duties across the five parts of the piece), and "The Arching Path" for solo piano. This program is described and evaluated by pianist Rihards Plešanovs.

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